​Milk House: Circa 1820-1830
This building was used for the preparation and storage of dairy products.

Open Hearth Kitchen: Circa 1840-1860
This building is an example of Louisiana construction that uses the hand- molded, sun-dried, brick-between-post structure. 

Slave Cabin: Circa 1820-1840
There are two examples of the hand-molded, sun-dried, brick-between- post slave cabins located on the grounds. 

Eden Building: Circa 1830
The structure is a rare example of a mortised and pegged building. Its actual purpose is unknown, but it is though to have been a building used to store grain.

Carriage House: Circa 1820-1830
The carriage house construction is of large hand hewn logs, notched and held together at the corners.

Kent Plantation House - Grounds

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Kent Plantation House

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Barn: Circa 1815-1830
The barn would have been used to store corn in the two cribs and hay might have been stored above the crib with the window.

Blacksmith Shop: Circa 1815-1830
The blacksmith shop is a reproduction building utilizing salvaged timbers from a cabin, circa 1815 - 1830, that was located on Wemple Plantation.

Sugar Mill: Circa 1840 (reproduction)
The sugar house is the only known operating structure of its kind in existence. It is an accurate reproduction depicting the sugar making process circa 1840. 

Cemetery: Circa 1842
The cemeteries of Louisiana Plantations play a significant part in the plantation's history. They tell the story of those who built the plantation, who lived there and who died there.

Gift Shop:
The Kent house Gift Shop, housed in a restored slave cabin, offers a variety of articles for visitors. It’s mission is to have as many items representing the period of the house as possible. Pew dolls, candles, soap, doll quilts,

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