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​​Thursday, May 10th, 2018 

3 - 6pm

Monday - Friday, June 18-22nd,  2018 

9am - 3:30pm

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Jane in June Camp

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
9am - 1pm

Front Yard  Market

            at Kent Plantation House

What’s new in the community? People talk about fresh produce, pepper jelly, organic veggies, and location, location, location is the key. Thursday, May 10th, Kent House will keep the doors open from 3-6pm so that the community can enjoy Farmers Market at the Kent Plantation House. Stroll the grounds to find organic, farm-fresh foods, luscious baked goods and scrumptious jellies from local vendor booths, located in the front yard.  

Some scheduled vendors are: CK Farms, Geaux Green Farm, Louisiana Laginappe Foods, Riverside Pecan, So Good Y'All Organic Dip, Branchoff and Kent House Herbs!                 Come join us!

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A true crowd pleaser within cenLA. For only $1 admission, you can eat a bug, play with live bugs, hear sounds of night insects, watch bugs at work, make craft bugs to take home, play bug games, and best of all hug Smokey Bear! 

11th Annual Bug Day

A week shared with 25 young ladies, ages 8-12, learning pastimes from Jane Austen's era. Ladies will complete art projects, simple cross stitch projects, practice etiquette, journal, learn how to write proper thank you letters, attend and host authentic tea parties, tour Kent House and the grounds, share & make a summer full of lifetime memories!