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There are many outbuildings and sites of interest on the grounds.

We have many outbuildings located on the grounds of Kent Plantation House:The ​Milk House; Open Hearth Kitchen; Sugar Mill; Two examples of the hand-molded, sun-dried, brick-between- post slave cabins are located on the grounds as well as many more examples of a working plantation environment.

of French colonial architecture.

classic example

Standing on the original land grant from the King of Spain to Pierre Baillio II, Kent Plantation House offers a glimpse of the French, Spanish and American cultures that have influenced Louisiana. All three flags fly over the entrance.

The house, originally only six rooms, is typical of Louisiana colonial construction. It is raised off the ground on brick pillars to protect it from the flood waters of Bayou Rapides. All of the materials used to build the house came from the land: the clay used for the brick pillars, cypress for its sills and beams, and mud, Spanish moss and animal hair for its bousillage walls.

Enjoy an interesting guided tour through the house itself.

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Built circa 1796 prior to the Louisiana Purchase. The house was built by Pierre Baillio II, whose family came from France. Pierre's father was an officer at Fort St. Jean Baptiste, in Natchitoches, Louisiana. The plantation house is one of the oldest standing structures in the state of Louisiana. Together with its outbuildings, it preserves the homestead of a successful Creole family typical of a Louisiana colonial era working plantation.

Kent Plantation House preserves, interprets, and promotes its historic site to educate the public about the history and culture of central Louisiana between 1795 and 1855.

Kent House

was built by Pierre Baillio II

Kent House is a